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Wearables and Textiles

Stainless steel fibers (“SSF”) are widely incorporated into textile materials to produce cut-resistant gloves, protective work suits, space suits, heatable textiles, and heat-resistant fabrics. C&L supplies all grades of fibers for the aforementioned applications. We have recently begun to expand our R&D efforts toward SSF’s applications in the growing wearable technology industry.

SSF textile is lighter, softer, thinner, yet much stronger and more flexible than traditional cut-resistance textiles. C&L supplies SSF to producers of cut-resistant gloves and protective clothing which provides maximum safety when handling industrial blades or glass. Our SSF-made protective garments are also often used in the defense industry (e.g. policeman suits).

SSF twisted threads, made by twisting a single strand or multiple strands of fine long fibers (SSF 316L, 304, or Fecralloy), are commonly found in heated car seats and wheels, heated blankets, heatable jackets, gloves, and sleeping bags for harsh outdoor environments. Compared to traditional copper wires, SSF provides advantages such as longevity, improved safety, even heat distribution, higher flexibility, high flex life, and maximum comfort. SSF heatable threads and textiles are also extremely corrosion-resistant and machine washable.

Heat resistant fabrics, made using 100% pure stainless steel fibers, can withstand temperatures up to 600°C while maintaining their mechanical durability and high elasticity. These thermal resistant textiles can be knitted, woven, warp-knitted, needle-punched or braided, and are commonly used as separation materials during various glass production processes (e.g. car windows, bottle machining, etc), in heat resistant sewing threads, during welding, and in aircraft engine pipe insulation.

C&L believes smart clothing is the future of wearable technology. Our dedicated R&D efforts in textiles for the wearable tech industry will lead to revolutionary progress across the healthcare, fitness, and outdoor industries. In the recent years, wearable innovations are advancing at a rapid pace and are becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives. The C&L team has been focusing on incorporating our conductive fibers and yarns into smart clothing; we’re currently exploring the best possible ways to merge technology and textiles in order to provide our customers with washable, durable, fashionable, and innovative textile materials.

Metal Fiber Twisted Thread Technical Specifications
Spec. Weight per Meter (g) Breaking Load (N) Elongation (%) Avg. Resistance (Ω)
14µm x 90 x 1 0.12 25 1.10 61
12µm x 90 x 2 0.17 44 1.10 42
12µm x 100 x 1 0.095 24 1.10 59
12µm x 100 x 2 0.19 41 1.10 38
12µm x 100 x 3 0.28 69 1.10 22
12µm x 275 x 1 0.26 59 1.10 27
12µm x 275 x 2 0.54 75 1.10 14
12µm x 275 x 3 0.78 125 1.10 9
12µm x 275 x 4 1.05 130 1.10 7
12µm x 275 x 5 1.3 160 1.10 5
12µm x 275 x 6 1.5 180 1.10 4
8µm x 1000 x 1 0.42 69 1.10 16
8µm x 1000 x 2 0.85 108 1.10 8
12µm x 1000 x 1 0.95 100 1.10 7
12µm x 1000 x 2 1.9 340 1.10 4

Pure Stainless Steel Fiber Fabric Technical Specifications
Item 1,000mm Width 1,200mm Width 1,500mm Width
Stainless Steel Grade SUS316L
Yarn Count 16x2s
Thickness (mm) Tabby 0.35
Twill 0.5
Weight (g/m²) Tabby 0.35
Twill 0.5
Weight Tolerance ±5%

Item 1,800mm Width 1,900mm Width 1,700mm Width
Stainless Steel Grade SUS316L
Yarn Count 16x2s
Thickness (mm) (0.9)
Weight (g/m²) 1,000
Weight Tolerance ±5%

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