Refractory Metal

As a front-runner in the heat treat sector in China, our objective is to develop superior refractory metal and alloy materials/parts for high temperature furnaces, targets, the LED market (sapphire crystal growth) and MOCVD equipment. We have a dvanced analytical labs run by a team of materials and engineering experts with material modeling knowledge and simulation capabilities. Over the years, our engineering team has accumulated an institutional level of proprietary knowledge, developing a series of high temperature materials and advanced alloys such as MoLa, TZM, and MoW based products. These alloys, with their superior mechanical and physical properties, have been requested by our clients for their next-generation furnace designs and are being used as strong performance metals for their high tech applications.

We believe continual investments in innovation along with upgrades in our manufacturing and analytical ca pabilities are essential to the success of a growing market. As we work with our customers to innovate and push the boundaries of product design and production, we are also actively involved with our technology partner, Western Metal Materials (WMM), in researching and developing additive manufacturing technology. We began our collaboration with WMM on the Precious Metal Parts 3D Printing Project in 2011. Our aim was to lay the groundwork for addressing major gaps in additive manufacturing and to gain an advantage over competitors on increased productivity, reduced waste, and minimum tooling turnaround. This innovative project is led by three metal material specialists who are highly experienced in the Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) Systems process, and is done by using a custom-built 3D printer. WMM has begun working with a select few early customers in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and medical, some of whom have already tested parts in high-stress production applications such as connectors and parts in military and weapon applications, efficient heat exchangers and cooling components in industrial equipment, and biomedical implant parts.

We’re partnering and collaborating with Tsinghua University and Northwest Institute of Nonferrous Metal Research on multiple developmental projects. We also co-partner with clients to further enhance the performance of regular grades of wires, plates, sheets, crucibles, as well as new molybdenum and tungsten alloys for advanced applications. As of 2015, WMM owns 18 technology and product patents, over 30 independent intellectual property rights, and has 863 established, on-going R&D projects in the refractory metal domain.

Metal Fiber

C&L has an R&D center and a team of 40 metal fiber specialists based in China primarily focused on supporting our clients to meet their new product requirements and collaborating with them on new product design ideas. We have three manufacturing facilities located in Hunan and Heibei, China, with over two million USD spent annually on enhancing regular product performance and developing new products. Our in-house engineering group has the capability of customizing machinery and processing equipment based upon clients’ needs and requirements. We’re currently working with Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and its manufacturing facilities in China to co-develop new products with some of the world’s leading brands, such as Microsoft and Huawei.