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EMI and ESD Shielding

SSF provides electromagnetic (EMI) shielding and electrostatic discharge (ESD) shielding benefits. Protective garments, generally worn by firemen or petrochemical/gas workers, can discharge static electricity generated by movement and fabric friction, which could potentially lead to explosions and damage electronic equipment. Protective coverings also provide safeguards for electronic devices against electrostatic discharge. In addition to anti-static clothing, shoes, and coverings, SSF can be used in anti-static wrist bands, anti-counterfeit and antistatic paper, anti-static brushes (used in fax machines, copiers, printers), and filtration fabrics.

Conductive blended yarn is ideal for EMI shielding fabric due to its high conductivity, excellent wash resistance, and extensive service life. These EMI shielding fabrics are commonly used in high voltage line garments, maternity wear, and EMI blankets, braids, and fabrics; they are instrumental in preventing accidents in flammable or explosive environments. C&L’s yarn products are composed of a 0.7% - 30% stainless steel fiber blend spun with various chemical fibers, cotton, and viscose fibers.

Our conductive plastic agglomerates have proven to be efficient filler materials for electrically conductive plastics. These agglomerates are created by chopping and binding SSF polymeric binders specific to various polymer resins via dry blend or melt compound approaches. They are often dispersed into the polymer matrix to create conductive or shielding plastics that meet specifications and regulations for Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) and Electrostatis Discharge (ESD). Available polymeric binders include PVC, PP, PA, PC, TPU, PE, and ABS.

Conductive Plastic Agglomerates Technical Specification
Fiber Diameter (µm) 12
Fiber Filaments (f) 5,000 - 10,000
Agglomerate Length (mm) 1 - 10
(length should be consistent for the same specification)
Agglomerate Diameter (mm) 2
Agglomerate External Appearance Smooth surface

Conductive Blended Spun Yarn Technical Specification
Stainless Steel Fiber Content (%) Purpose
0.5 - 5 ESD
10 - 30 EMI
30 - 40 Electrical High-Voltage Protective Clothing

Downloadable Product Specs
C&L Conductive Plastics Specs