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Collimators (CT Anti-Scatter Grids)

Pure tungsten is environmentally safe, excellent at X-ray absorption, and is resilient to high temperature exposure; it is hence considered to be the ideal material for radiation shielding and anti-scatter purposes in collimators. C&L produces high precision tungsten sheets for collimators of medical imaging equipment and for alpha ray shields in detectors of security inspection equipment. With over 15 years of OEM experience with leading producers such as Siemens and GE Medical, C&L has thus far supplied the most tungsten anti-scatter grids in CT and MRI equipment. Besides pure tungsten, we also provide our customers with tungsten alloy- made collimators for molecular breast imaging, X-ray shielding, X-ray tube parts, and 1D & 2D collimators in X-ray detectors for security inspection equipment.